Elections 2020

Did you know that you are allowed to vote?
Do you know what you can vote for?

Every year in January, all students of our university elect the parliament representing them. It does not matter if you are here for Erasmus, as a PhD or as an international student, everyone has the choice. For example the parliament decides what happens with the semester fee you paid, supports student initiatives and negotiates the public transportation contract.

Why you should vote for us?

We are the Bonn University Young Socialists Group (Juso-HSG), the student wing of the German Social Democrats (SPD), a party with a tradition of over 150 years fighting for equality, social justice and freedom. We are one of the leading groups in Bonn University student politics and are committed to make our university a better place for every single student.

That includes:
– “Kulturticket“: free entrence or reduced fees when visiting local museums or theaters
– Supporting student societies, in particular with more accessible space for events
– Increasing the percentage of women in professorships (at the moment only 19%!)
– Fight against fascisms grip towards universities
– Increasing student accommodation capacities
– Affordable meals in the mensa (with a menu in English!)
– Expanding the offers of sustainable food choices
– A comprehensive and digital student ID
– More student workspaces

Study the way you want to – and not the way you have to